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Welcome to your Haven!

Hey everyone, and welcome! 

It was a long wait for July already, but now it seems even longer...

But we can ride this out! And we can do it together, because what are we Zutarians good at? Sticking together and keeping the faith! 

Ok, getting straight to the guidlines, if you haven't already read them on my DA or my account journal, I created this community for one reason. 

To provide a SPOILER FREE AREA OF THE INTERNET for us to gather and continue to wait for the REAL END of Avatar. 

So, RULE ONE: NO SPOILERS!  I mean, up to The Boiling Rock you can spaz about and whatnot, but as to the comic being released...I don't think it's going to be a problem, but still, NO SPOILERS OF THE END. Spoilers will be met with Banning. I'm sorry, but some of us don't want any shape or form of the end. Please respect that, guys! ^^

Rule two, since I'm also encouraging you guys to keep making fanart and such, and since we're afraid to go into searches on DA,  I say still post your art to DA, or even to Photobucket, if you'd like to not have rude spoiler comments on your art on DA. But, link it here, and we can all continue to appreciate it like we were before. 

Rule three, Have fun! Shipping is wide open since we're pretty much Zutarians, but you never know, I have a couple Kataang buddies on my watchlist on DA, Just be ship respectful. It's as simple as that. 

I might be posting specific things in my Account journal from like...I dunno, maybe speculations, thoughts on events as they come up, but that's all as the inspiration hits, so... But yeah, I might still be incorporating my actual journal on this community as well. Oh, major news announcements too. So yeah. This account is all for us. I have my Journal on DA for bitching about my life, so that's where all that will remain...but yeah. 

Also...Um, I'm not going to call you out for language, as long as you're reasonable about it. I've labeled this place as no adult content, but yeah. language is pretty neutral with me. 

Anyway, all that is out of the way...So let the spoiler free spazzing begin! or, rather, continue!! 

Nickelodeon is trying to spoil it for us, but we won't be that easily put down!!

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